Why iRytmo

Phones have become the center of everything we do, and great improvements have been made.  Phones got smarter, but Audio remained unchanged.  This is because limited audio processing capabilities inside your phone due to weight, size, and power constraints imposed by needing to make thinner, smaller and waterproof phones.

Apple removed the 3.5mm jack so that analog conversion can happen closer to your ears without the limitation imposed for smaller thinner phones.  However, with Apple provided dongle and inbox lightning headphones only move the conversion from inside the phone to the outside of the phone. This is a marginal improvement; however for optimum performance the conversion that happens closer to the ear is optimum.

Don’t take our word for it.  Check out this article on VOX.  Snippet of it is provided below.

…Headphones plugged into a Lightning connector can also produce better sound than ones that are plugged into a headphone jack. Earlier this summer, our sister site the Verge reviewed an $800 pair of Lightning headphones and raved about their superior sound quality. The basic issue is that the quality of the sound generated by headphones is driven by electronics that convert a digital music file into electric signals that drive the speakers. The iPhone’s headphone jack is driven by electronic circuitry inside the iPhone, and weight, size, and power constraints mean that this circuitry is necessarily mediocre. Shifting headphones to the digital Lightning port allows most of this circuitry to move into the headphones themselves. That gives headphone designers more freedom to use high-quality audio chips that might be larger, more expensive, and consume more power. Users who care about audio quality can pay a bit more for a higher-quality sound. Of course, we shouldn’t expect the Lightning earbuds Apple bundles with the iPhone to sound as good as $800 headphones. And in practice, your average iPhone user might not be enough of an audiophile to tell the difference. But Apple portrays the end of the headphone jack as a bold step into a new future of superior audio quality…

This is where iRytmo headphone comes in. iRytmo worked with its manufacturing partner to bring its 1st product iTempo digital headset to market.  We don’t think you have to pay $800 to get superior audio quality nor do you have to stay with inbox uncomfortable headphones.

After Apple made it official to remove the 3.5mm jack, we saw many “lightning” based earphone.  We tried many and all of them did not support telephony and were not MFi logo approved, even though it stated on the product listing.  After not finding a solution, we decided to provide a solution that we were looking for.

Rytmo means Rhythm in Italian, and Rhythm is personal to an “i”ndividual, so we became iRytmo.

iRytmo’s headphones bypasses the Apple’s standard audio processing unit and recreate HiFi quality music directly though the built-in inline DAC with headphone driver. Our headphones are not just earphones, it is a complete HiFi system.

Join us as we bring enhanced Audio for everyone!

Advantage over inbox iPhone:

  • Dual coil speaker drivers for improved output while producing natural sound.
  • Premium sound isolation performance using soft & slip resistance ear tip.
  • Ergonomic designed tilt angle ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit.
  • Come with 4 sets of large, medium, small and extra small ear tips ensuring a custom fit for any ear cannel size.
  • Digital to analog conversion effectively in your ear

iTempo is our 1st product and we have several product in development, including ANC.